Trump Achieves New Personal Best in Debate: A Lie Every 2.65 Minutes

by Joan McCarter –


Donald Trump went for the liar’s gold in Monday’s debate, and scored. Last week he clocked an impressive rate of lying at one falsehood every 3.25 minutes of his public speeches, interviews, and tweets. He blew that record out of the water on Monday night. According to the Toronto Star’s count, he had 34 lies in roughly 90 minutes. Doing the math on that, it’s a lie every 2.65 minutes.

That’s pretty damned impressive, in a really bad, non-presidential kind of way. But still. It helps that he racked up three alone in the discussion of whether or not he supported the invasion of Iraq (he did). There were two on his taxes: “you don’t learn that much from tax returns,” and “as soon as the audit’s finished, it will be released” (he’s also not releasing returns that aren’t under audit). Two of the lies were about his endorsements, but just one (that they count) was about his role as Birther in Chief. He really went to town on foreign policy and national security, with at least 10 lies ranging from whether or not he’s praised Vladimir Putin (he has) to my personal favorite of the night: Clinton has “been fighting ISIS (her) entire adult life.”

There were a mess of them in which he denied saying things he’s definitely said: that pregnancy is an inconvenience for employers; that climate change is a Chinese hoax; that it would be fine if Japan used nukes against North Korea; and that he would negotiate the national debt down. He lied about the murder rate in New York City, and he lied about stop-and-frisk being ruled unconstitutional. He even lied about Palm Beach, Florida, calling it “the wealthiest community there is in the world.” There pretty much isn’t anything that he won’t lie about, given the opportunity.

Of course, Clinton wasn’t going to be let off the hook, because both sides. They give her four: denying she praised TPP (she did, but is opposed to it now); saying the only tax returns we’ve seen of Trump’s prove he hasn’t paid taxes (some of his returns from the 1970s show he paid taxes back then); exaggerating Iran’s nearness to being nuclear-capable when she became Secretary of State; and that her tax plan “would not add a penny to the debt.” It would add $200 billion, to Trump’s $5 trillion. Because both sides.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos