Trump Launches Sexist Attack on Clinton’s Appearance

by DiesIrae –

clinton presidential

Looks Presidential to me

On Monday morning in Cleveland, Donald Trump went there:


TRUMP on Clinton:

“Does she look presidential, fellas? Give me a break.”

Attacking a female public figure for her appearance is the dictionary definition of a sexist remark. It’s exactly what women in the workplace face all too often, an attack on their professionalism based on their appearance. There’s no acceptable alternate explanation for this one.

The Clinton campaign is all over it already. Tim Kaine responded with a nice jab at this afternoon’s Clinton-Kaine rally in Cleveland:

“Donald Trump put out a tweet that said she doesn’t look presidential, does she fellas? Does she fellas,” he said repeating the tail end of Trump’s remarks.

“Here’s my prediction, at the end of a second-term Hillary Clinton, Trump will be saying that same thing as he’s hocking bottled water somewhere and we’ve forgotten he ever ran for president.”

Apparently Kaine placed emphasis on the word “fellas”. He didn’t miss the implications either.

Although this remark is just one more indication that Trump is unfit to be president, and pales in comparison to his sickeningly inhumane immigration plan, this one’s particularly obvious. Let’s hope he gets hammered for it in the media.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos