Trump Supporters Say ‘Yes’ To A Federal Database For Jews (VIDEO)

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In the last couple of weeks, there’s been a sense of dread that we are seeing the rise of an American Reich in the campaign of Donald Trump. The corporate media has been struggling mightily on how to deal with it and they seem to be OK with calling Trump himself an incipient Nazi while ignoring his followers. But that needle continues to get harder to thread as his supporters, emboldened by Trump’s openly racist and fascistic rhetoric, have begun to be openly racist and fascistic themselves:

Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper came away from a focus group of Donald Trump supporters on Tuesday as confused as anyone as to the real estate mogul’s political appeal.

“This is a group that doesn’t like statistics, thinks Muslims need not apply,” Klepper said. “Some would consider rounding the Jews.”

The latter statement was not hyperbole. When asking the group to put down their Trump signs if he named a policy idea that would make them fail to vote for the candidate, Klepper found that two of them would still back the GOP front-runner even if he proposed a “national registry of Jews.”

Mind you, I would bet my last dollar that if you asked them if they supported a national registry for guns, they would start screaming about tyranny. Jews, though? Fuck’em!

Leave to the “fake” news to point out what everyone already knows but “polite” society refuses to say: There is a large part of the Republican base that is champing at the bit to turn America into a 21st century version of Nazi Germany. They would gleefully round up Latinos and deport them. They would cheerfully put Muslims in concentration camps. And they’d throw the Jews in there as well because, you know, Jesus would want that.

Trump is going to lose, badly, if he manages to win the nomination. But even if he drops out of the race, or if the Republican Party figures out how to get rid of him, we cannot allow “polite” society to forget that the American right-wing is heavily infested with the same kind of people who celebrated the murder of almost 17 million Jews, gays, blacks, the mentally handicapped, intellectuals, the Romani, etc. etc.

If we let the hate of Trump’s followers become normalized, it will only spread like a cancer. Germany didn’t turn to genocide overnight. It started with a single man willing to stand up and say out loud, “Vote for me! I will get rid of them and you will be safe!”

Here’s the “I-wish-I-could-laugh-but-my-blood-ran-cold” video:



Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info