Trump-Supporting Conservative Writer Says The ‘Race Is Over’ Because Of ‘P*ssy’ Remarks

by Stephen D Foster Jr –

Donald Trump’s campaign just suffered its worst implosion yet, and conservatives have flown into a panic. On Friday, audio surfaced of Trump bragging to Access Hollywood reporter Billy Bush that he is so famous that he is able to “grab” any woman he finds beautiful “by the p*ssy.”

Ever since, Republicans have been running away from their own nominee, including Paul Ryan, Mike Lee, and Utah’s GOP Governor. And even one of Trump’s most ardent supporters is now declaring that his campaign is doomed.

Crystal Wright wrote a column earlier this week in which she called black people “slaves” for voting for Hillary Clinton. She accused black people of voting for their color instead of voting their conscience. “What do blacks have to lose voting for Trump?” she asked. “Absolutely nothing.”

But now Wright is singing a different tune after the bombshell that dropped yesterday.

“I think it does matter what Donald Trump said and…I think this is the death knell in his campaign,” she told CNN host Mike Smerconish after he pointed out that Trump supporters don’t care what he says.

“A lot of Trump supporters are saying, is it doesn’t matter what he does. It doesn’t matter what he says. The thought of Hillary being president is so abhorrent ‘I am hitching myself to his wagon regardless.’ Is that it?”

“The problem with Donald Trump,” Wright explained. “The reason why this comment is a punctuation mark on the narrative that he hates women is because isolated incident after isolated incident, we find Donald Trump saying awful things about women.”

Indeed, Trump has a history of talking about women as if they are sex objects meant to be conquered and controlled by men, which is why over 70 percent of women have an unfavorable view of him in this election.

Wright still refuses to vote for Hillary Clinton despite Trump’s lewd comments but she did acknowledge that his campaign just lost the presidential contest.

“He cannot pivot away from this nonsense and talk about policies. Unfortunately this is coming in the ninth inning. I’m not happy about it. I will not vote for her, but in many ways it looks to me like the race is over.”

Here’s the video via CNN

You know Trump is in trouble when even his most ardent supporters can no longer defend him.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info