Trump Tries To Stick It To Press With Inaugural Photo, Totally Misses One Yuuge Problem

by Rika Christensen –

As of Tuesday morning, it seemed that Trump was still obsessed with the size of his inaugural audience. He’s so intent on proving that his crowds were enormous—big enough to serve as evidence of his total, utter and complete awesomeness—that he’s planning to post a panoramic photo of the inauguration in the press halls of the White House, and he tweeted it out with a thank-you to the photographer.

Ordinarily, that would just be another facepalm-worthy tweet. However, given his fixation on crowd sizes (penis sizes? Maybe both), we can probably safely assume that he’s putting these photos in the press halls as a giant “told you so” to the press that so shamefully refused to report the truth about his crowds. Based on that, one would also assume he’d want the photo to be as accurate as possible, so as to avoid any potential embarrassment.

It didn’t work. Here’s the photo:

Image via Twitter

And here’s the problem: The caption reads “January 21, 2017,” which is the date of the Women’s Marches that so enraged him over the weekend:

Image via Twitter

As Ms. Kalb points out, he’s posting an error in the press halls. Way to stick it to them, Cheetolini.

This follows not just the poorly-thought out presser on Saturday, where Sean Spicer scolded the entire White House press corps and left them with their jaws on the floor, but it also follows yesterday’s press briefing where Spicer whined that the press isn’t focusing enough on Trump’s successes and achievements (he’s been in office for five days, what successes does he think the press should be reporting on right now?).

The man is ridiculous. There are more important things to think about. Trump, however, is obsessed, and the reason it’s important to keep pointing this out is because it’s evidence of his instability, his willingness to turn lies into truth, and his inability to actually be a real leader.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info