U.S. Economy Mocks GOP Trickle-Down Bunk With Actual Record-Breaking Holiday Hiring Spree

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History tells us that Republicans promise jobs, jobs, jobs, but don’t deliver. But under President Obama’s leadership, the number of holiday jobs created in the U.S. just shattered all previous records. That’s because trickle-down economics is a lie.

Lower taxes and fewer regulations is not what fuels job creation. Customers fuel job creation. There’s no time when this law of reality can better be observed than the holiday shopping season. Every year employers hire extra staff just before the December rush. They don’t do this because their taxes were lowered or some “job-killing government regulation” was eliminated. Employers almost never create new jobs after Republicans lower corporate tax rates or relax the rules.

What fuels Christmas hiring are things like more customers and more sales.

To prove it, the U.S. economy just created a historic number of holiday jobs under the leadership of a democratic president. Of course, Obama’s economy has repeatedly laughed in the face of the lying GOP. In 2014, the number of holiday jobs created set a new record at 185,700. But this year, the economy topped that record with 214,500, a 16 percent increase over last year’s historical number.

As it turns out, 2015 has been the best year for job creation since 1999, the last time we had a Democrat in the White House. While Bill Clinton still holds the record for most jobs created during his presidency, President Obama now holds the record when it comes to private sector jobs creation.

When considering the disastrous, job-gushing economy President Obama inherited from George W. Bush, Obama’s economy is historic in itself.

As Addicting Info reported in September, President Obama’s economy has outperformed that of every president in modern history.Forbes compared President Obama’s economy with that of conservative God Ronald Reagan, using all the standard economic indicators, like unemployment, job creation and economic growth.

The analysis concluded that “President Obama’s administration has outperformed President Reagan’s in all commonly watched categories.”

As of October, the unemployment rate has now dropped to 5.0. That’s exactly half of what it was in October of 2009, as the newly elected President Obama attempted to stave off the only ‘great’ thing created during George Bush’s presidency – the Great Recession.

During Bush’s last year of George Bush’s presidency the U.S. economy lost 4,425,000 jobs. More than 800,000 jobs were lost just during the last month of Bush’s presidency. Now that Obama has cleaned up their mess, the GOP wants to put another Republican in the White House, promising that this time things will be different.

How about hell no? A new round of Republican economic policies is the last thing the United States needs. The Republican mantra of lower taxes and fewer government regulations doesn’t create jobs. If national statistics don’t prove that, then just compare the economic conditions of red states to blue states. It’s not a coincidence that red states have the highest poverty rates in the country. Republican policies are geared toward taking from the poor and giving to the rich. The result is that the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Who would have thought?

On the other side, liberal policies like raising wages and protecting the social safety net aren’t just good for the people who directly benefit. They’re good for everyone. When working people make a decent wage, they have the ability to spend more. As we’ve already said, spending is what fuels job creation and economic growth.

When you’re looking at programs like food assistance, we know that for every $5.00 spent on SNAP, $9.00 goes back into the economy.  We also know that cuts to the SNAP program don’t just harm the poor, they harm the economy overall. That’s because cuts force people who depend on SNAP to buy groceries to spend far less on food – if they can afford to purchase food at all. The economic costs of cuts to food assistance programs don’t just impact grocery sales, either. That’s what happens when people have to choose between buying a child a new pair of shoes or feeding her dinner.

The same concept goes for healthcare, something that desperately ill people are often forced to spend their last dime to obtain. But when it’s your life or your child’s life on the line, there’s often nothing you won’t sacrifice in exchange for the hope of recovery. (Learn more about how Obamacare has helped the economy here.)

The facts speak for themselves. Last month’s record-breaking jobs numbers are just further proof that trickle-down economics is the biggest lie ever sold to the American public (aside from the Iraq war, another filthy lie republicans told us).


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info