Watch Chris Matthews Explain Consistency To Ted Cruz Like He’s A Child (VIDEO)

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Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz officially has to have things broken down for him the way a child would. Wednesday, on Hardball with Chris Matthews, presidential wannabe Ted Cruz and Chris Matthews went toe-to-toe over the Supreme Court of the Unites States decision on gay marriage.

After Matthews and Cruz spend most of the interview plugging Cruz’s new book and talking about Donald Trump, the interview makes it way to the topic of Cruz’s change of heart when it comes to the power of the Supreme Court.

After the SCOTUS ruled in favor marriage equality, Cruz joined other conservatives in a sad, desperate attempt to declare war on the current “judicial tyranny” of the SCOTUS. This has led to Cruz endorsing the idea that Supreme Court Justices should be elected for retention.

Matthews points out that Cruz supported the decision of the SCOTUS that led to election of George W. Bush in 2000, citing equal protection under the law. Now, Cruz is against equal protection under the law for LGBT rights. Matthews points how his flip-flopping might have him now viewed as inconsistent.

Cruz claimed that he only reluctantly came to embrace the idea of retention elections because the SCOTUS is trying to “seize every major policy issue of this country.”

Matthews fires back, saying, “They seized the presidency in 2000, you did not complain! “ If there was ever a case of partisanship or ideology, this was it, and you loved it. You loved it!”

Cruz responds, saying, “Those are good talking points.”

“But they’re true!” Matthews says.

As Matthews points out, the idea of how to maintain an independent court in a retention election system is nearly impossible to conceive. It would just turn Supreme Court Justices into another brand of politician for corporations to buy. Cruz is just mad that he didn’t side with his stance on gay marriage. Now of course the court decision was fair and based on law. However, if Justices were available to the top dollar then the silly matter of constitutionality would become a thing of the past all together.

You can watch the video in full, below.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info