Watch Elizabeth Warren Give One Of The Best Speeches Of Her Career (VIDEO)

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Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren speaks at the Phoenix Convention Center during the Netroots Nation convention Friday, July 17, 2015, in Phoenix. Warren on Friday pressed the 2016 presidential contenders to curb the influence of Wall Street banks, as she seeks to leave her imprint on the agenda of Hillary Rodham Clinton and rest of the Democratic field. (Cheryl Evans/The Arizona Republic via AP)  MARICOPA COUNTY OUT; MAGS OUT; NO SALES; MANDATORY CREDIT

“It shouldn’t take a revolution on YouTube to drive a revolution in law enforcement,” Elizabeth Warren told an audience of attendees at this year’s Netroots Nation in Phoenix, Arizona. The yearly convention that draws thousands of progressive activists from around the United States is underway and political darlings of the left, like Warren, are making waves at the event.

Warren continued her fiery speech, saying:

“Now look, House Republicans may still want to fly the Confederate flag, and Republican leaders may cower in the shadow of Donald Trump. But the American people understand that black lives matter and America is not a country that stands for racism, bigotry, or hatred.”

You can hear the crowd go wild after she makes this statement. Warren encourages their cheers motioning her hand upwards, saying “yes” to the crowd.

After the crowd’s cheers softened, Warren dropped this truth bomb on the crowd:

“This is a moral issue and an economic issue. To build an economy that creates real opportunity, that doesn’t lock up millions of our fellow human beings behind bars and that uses the talents of all our people. America must prove that on equality and justice, the American people are progressives.”

With more than 2.2 million people in prison, the people of the United States have to come to terms with the fact that racism and classism have ripped this nation apart. No one on the left can truly consider themselves a progressive if they do not support policies that move all people forward into a better life. The war on drugs has done nothing to help those who struggle with substance abuse problems. It has only served to usher in an era that destroys human beings.

You can watch a clip of the speech below.


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