Watch Seth Meyers’ Hilarious And Convincing Argument About Trump’s Chances In The Primaries (VIDEO)

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With the Republican primaries less then a month away, Donald Trump has started to spend millions on his campaign. While the billionaire can throw plenty of money at Trump-style racist and crazy television ads, he’s already received lots of free media attention and leads in most polls. However, late night talk show host Seth Meyers isn’t convinced. Myers said:

“But here’s the thing about those polls: There’s reason to think they might not really mean anything. One reason is that people hate talking to pollsters — the response rate has fallen from 90 percent to a dismal 8 percent, according to one study, which is a lower response rate than student-loan collector and mother-in-law.”

Meyers said that there’s a correlation with Trump saying “outrageous and offensive things” and the media coverage he receives. The enormous attention he’s getting in combination with these polls makes it seems like Trump is the winning horse. But Meyers isn’t buying it. Rudolph Giuliani had a three point lead for the Republican nomination and Howard Dean had a whopping 15 point lead and both went on to fade. For all of us very concerned folks out there that Trump has a shot at the presidency, here are more examples that give us hope that Trump will also fade.

In 2007, Hillary Clinton was the clear front-runner, polling ahead of John Kerry and John Edwards and she had a huge advantage over Barack Obama by 15 points from January all the way through June. In 2003, Joe Lieberman led in most polls of the Democratic primary but he lost to John Kerry.
So, it all comes down to the people who go out and vote and not the polls that precede an election. In one of his speeches that Meyers broadcasts, Trump says, “If I don’t win, I will consider this, and I mean it, a total and complete waste of time.” As Meyers said and as I’m sure most of the readers out there also think, Trump, “you are not alone.”


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info