Welcome To Jesus Christ’s Very Own ‘Gun Church’ – Yes, This Is Real (VIDEO)

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church gun range

Conservatives are starting to think practically. The thought process goes something like “why not combine my two favorite things in the world? Jesus and Guns.” PRESTO. It just makes sense, kind of like peanut butter and jelly. When you try out the two together, you’ll never want to separate them again. Well, Rocky Mount United Methodist Church in Jemison, Alabama has done just that. And, they’re not kidding; neither are their followers and the local community that supports them. They have turned their ministry into a full out certified Jesus Christ gun range. His Holiness has to prepare somewhere for Satan when he strikes, right?

Pastor Phillip Guin came up with the brilliant idea after trying to figure out what to do with the empty, dirt-filled space full of kudzu, snakes, and other vermin.

“We had quite a number of church members, some elderly ladies, for example, and some not so elderly women that had purchased guns, but didn’t know how to use them.”

Why send their business elsewhere when you can just expand your product offerings? The thing is, the gun range is not just considered to be just some other part of the church. In many instances, it is the church. It’s where they will hold worship. This is the part of the story that seems to be taking it even more overboard.

“This is an opportunity for us to reach out in the name of Jesus Christ in a setting that is completely unique. Even odd by some people’s standards. But who’s to say that church can’t happen right here.”

The deft marketing maneuver was meant to attract more interest in the church in an attempt to possibly gain more members. Right now most of the church is already gun-packing, and it is left to be seen just what kind of impact it will have on the size of their congregation.

The Jemison Police Department and their Deputy Chief Marc McMinn use Jesus Christ’s gun range to train on a regular basis and even offer training courses to the public. If all goes well, they will open up another training class in October.

Pastor Guin claims that while the goal is to “provide recreational and gun safety in a warm, loving, Christian environment,” he admits that it’s to attract those that possibly aren’t that interested in going in the first place.

If every church operated like this one, Jesus and an AK47 might be synonymous. They may very well, regardless, one day. If the NRA has their say, every pastor will support guns in their churches. They and others like them think that if guns were inside the Charleston church overrun by Dylann Roof, then nine people shot and killed that day could still have lives.

Be on the lookout for more Jesus Christ certified gun-range churches in the future. This insane idea is catching on in the conservative, bible-toting community.

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Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info