What The Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You About The Election, And Why It’s Bad For Trump

by Ryan Denson –


The mainstream media is having a field day. They are predicting doom and gloom for the Democrats while simultaneously praising Donald Trump for acting “presidential” (apparently, not being racist is now the lowest bar on the list of requirements). In fact, mainstream media is so drunk on its ratings due to Trump that they are effectively calling the election a tie.

While multiple polls have Hillary Clinton ahead by five, six or even seven points, cable news networks and print publications are hyping up several polls that have her leading by a dismal 2 points, which are within the margin of error.

In their view, the country is “split” and it could be anyone’s race. This notion has certainly frightened Democrats, as it would any person whose preferred candidate looks vulnerable. Nobody likes to lose.

But here’s why that’s wrong.

It’s no secret that non-white voters prefer Clinton over Trump, as do women compared to men. Donald Trump is actually faring worse than Romney did among blacks, Hispanics, Latinos, and women (and remember, Romney lost because of this).

So how is that Trump could even be remotely considered a possible victor if he’s doing worse than Romney in almost every category?

Well, the media contends, it’s all up to white people.

See, for months the media outlets including Politico, the Hill, the New York Times and so forth have been spoon feeding gullible readers that Trump needs to win over a super-majority of whites and white men in order to win the election. These voters, who almost overwhelmingly vote Republican, are seen as the offset to Clinton’s non-white, non-male gains.

The only problem? Trump is doing worse with this demographic than Romney did in 2012.

According to the Washington Post:

That’s [strong white support for the GOP] not the case now. Trump still has a lead of 16 points with likely white voters in a four-way race, but the white vote is much more splintered than it was four years ago. White women and college-educated whites of both genders are less committed to Trump than they were Romney, and, according to the new Washington Post-ABC News poll released on Sunday, white women, whites with college degrees and white women with degrees (groups with some overlap, of course) all prefer Hillary Clinton to Trump.

So major factions of the “traditionally Republican” white base actually prefer Clinton over Trump. So not only has Clinton gained with non-white voters, she’s gained with white voters.

If that’s the case, how on earth is Trump being taken seriously? Well, for starters, complacent voters linger on the horizon. Turnout is expected to be lower this year than in 2012 and 2008. And if Democrats know anything about low turnout, it’s that it hurts them badly. That’s why Democrats better hope to have one hell of a Get Out the Vote campaign in October.

What breeds complacent voting? A lack of enthusiasm. While it’s true Democrats are less enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton as they were President Obama, it should be noted (because MSM won’t report on it) that Democrats are much more enthusiastic about Clinton than Republicans are about Trump. Over 60 percent of Clinton supporters are enthusiastic whereas a dismal 36 percent of Trump supporters are enthused about their candidate. In fact, the enthusiasm for Trump is lower than it was for Romney, among Republican voters.

Okay, so maybe it’s not an enthusiasm gap. What else could it be?

It might have something to do with a key voting bloc missing from the Clinton camp: millennials.

Young voters overwhelmingly showed up to support President Obama. The same cannot (for the time being) be said about Clinton. Nearly one-third of young voters are backing third party candidates Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. Clinton still holds the edge, but not by much. Considering millennial voters are the biggest voting bloc overall, that significantly hurts Clinton’s chances of winning, and whatever hurts Clinton will only help Trump.

However, Donald Trump is at a historic low for young voter support. Some polls have Trump as low as 20 percent among millennials. In 2012, Romney won 37 percent of people age 18-29.

So let’s go over what we know:

  • Clinton has made gains with non-white voters
  • Clinton has made gains with white voters
  • Clinton supporters are more enthusiastic than Trump supporters
  • Trump has lost significant ground with millennials (as has Clinton)

So while Clinton is making extraordinary gains all across the board, Donald Trump is still within striking distance. Why? Because instead of reporting on facts, the candidate’s positions, and their candor, the media has decided to sandbag Hillary Clinton — drumming up unfounded and outrageous lies about her health, her foundation, her emails, and her ability to lead (while letting Trump off the hook for just about everything).

Think I’m lying? The mainstream media spent almost 14 hours talking about Hillary Clinton’s health and foundation “scandals,” while not even one hour was spent talking about the Trump Foundation. Fox News alone spent one hour of time discussing Clinton’s health and spent zero time discussing the illegal and unethical practices of Trump’s foundation.

Think that might have something to do with Clinton’s slipping poll numbers?

Thanks to media, a woman who has made gains with almost every demographic still can’t shake off a racist fascist. No wonder Trump has made no effort to reach out to minority voters. He knows that with the media’s help, he could very well win this election. It also helps the media and Trump because it’s been documented that this election particularly is being decided based on automatic and emotion thinking, and not on long-term analysis of the facts. That’s where the media is so manipulative against Clinton.

But voters should not be deceived about what’s really going on: Clinton is making gains, and Trump is losing them like no candidate has seen before. The enthusiasm is there, it just has to be tapped. If Hillary Clinton and her surrogates can make the rounds and excite the crowds, they have a very good chance of winning in November. The numbers are there, and they always will be for Democrats.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info