White Nationalist ‘Breitbart News’ Vows Lawsuit Against Media for Calling them White Nationalists

by Hunter –


The white nationalists at the white nationalist Breitbart “News” website are very put out at the developing media coverage of the actual headlines and articles and odes to the white nationalist “alt-right” that have appeared on their site over the years, and they’re not gonna take it no more.

Breitbart News is preparing a lawsuit against a “major media company” over claims that it is a white nationalist website, it said in an exclusive statement to The Hill. […]“Breitbart News cannot allow such vicious racial lies to go unchallenged, especially by cynical, politically-motivated competitors seeking to diminish its 42 million monthly readers and its number one in the world political Facebook page. Breitbart News rejects racism in all its varied and ugly forms. Always has, always will,” the statement continues.

They do not name the “major media company,” suggesting this little endeavor may not have been fully thought out before their press person decided to burp it out. They also do not appear to realize that the things they have written on their public site are available to the public … or that the white nationalist-promoting comments their readers post in response are available to the public, as well.

For the record, again, Steve Bannon was quite open about turning the site into a vehicle for the “alt-right,” and the “alt-right” is indeed a white nationalist name for a white nationalist movement, and white nationalists themselves are unambiguous in their belief that the site supports their movement, and ex-Breitbart writers themselves have written that under Bannon, Breitbart openly embraced the white supremacist alt-right.

Mind you, the Breitbart site also peddles in hoaxes (O’Keefe), conspiracy theories (take your pick), anti-Semitism (‘Renegade Jew’), misogyny (take your pick again), and online harassment efforts—but they’re not planning to sue people who point those things out. Only the part about them being flag-waving apologists for and promoters of actual self-identified white nationalists.

They likely won’t do it—let’s face it, lying for publicity is their whole business model—but if they did? Oh, that would be glorious. Feel free to sue us, white nationalist website. We look forward to your nation’s courts explaining the First Amendment to you.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos