Yes, Donald Trump was Mocking Serge Kovaleski’s Physical Appearance. Here’s Proof…

by databob –

Trump KovaleskiI guess our wanna-be Dear Leader just can’t help himself. The more outrageous he gets, the more his rabid rabble of die-hard followers demands, and as a performer he can’t resist.

You’ve probably seen his latest, but here’s a link to it just in case you haven’t.

So what’s the proof that I offer? It’s what Trump says as he mimics Serge Kovaleski’s appearance:

The poor guy. You’ve got to see this guy.  Ah, I don’t remember what I said!  I don’t remember!

‘The poor guy. You’ve got to see this guy.’

That’s not ambiguous at all, especially when he’s holding up his arms in a horribly gross imitation of Kovaleski’s medical condition.

To make matters worse, in his statement the day after, Trump said this:

If Mr Kovaleski is handicapped, I would not know because I do not know what he looks like.

Excuse me, Mr. Trump? First ‘You’ve got to see this guy’ and then ‘I do not know what he looks like’?

He’s gotten to the point of not even trying to make his lies believable. And his followers really don’t seem to care.

One bit of perspective on his followers:

28% of the voting age population identifies as Republican.

So a poll that says 28% of registered Republicans in a certain state — or nationally — support our incipient Maximum Leader, that’s 28% of 28% = 7.84% of the registered voters.


And, no matter how bellicose and disgusting and fascist he gets, he can’t seem to break past the 30% mark in the polls… probably because as he pulls in people from the wing nut fringe, he sheds them from the more ‘reasonable’ side.

He would be an easy candidate for Hillary to beat in the general election. My only concern would be if Hillary has a minor health problem or something else that causes her to stumble. Donald Trump in the White House would be an unmitigated disaster — even most Republicans agree with that, I think.



Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos