YO, NRA and GUN-NERDS! Ya’ll best be careful what you wish for!

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Concealed_CarryOne county official in Texas wanted more money for the county sheriff’s office in 2012 because he felt the county needed those funds to repel armed outsiders—who would appear when Obama won the election.  Dude was way prescient, sort of.

In 2014, armed invaders moved into a county in a southwestern state; they are armed to the teeth with assault-style rifles and high-capacity magazines; they set up checkpoints on public roads; they are terrorizing the citizens of that county.  They also have internal disputes in which they call each other traitors and muse about shooting each other for treason.

It has not yet been reported (I suspect because these invaders have no real respect for the amendment immediately preceding the 2nd Amendment), but I find it hard to believe that these outsiders did not bring along other foreign friends like Colonel Jim Beam and General Jack Daniels. I suspect they consult these heroes frequently.

Can they do such a thing because of the dastardly actions of the President from Kenya?  No, they can do it because the Nevada legislature worships at the feet (or pockets or zippers) of the NRA.  Nevada is one of the “gun-friendliest” states in the US. You can open carry; you can carry concealed (shall issue permit); you can carry pretty much anywhere (except schools, child care facilities, university property, and the place where state officials legislate that you can carry elsewhere). Oh, if you have a carry permit from another state, Nevada recognizes that and allows you to carry in Nevada.

Even if a place of business or a private space of some kind has a clear policy and visible notices indicating firearms not allowed, it is not against the law to carry in those setting.  But, if they ask you to leave and you don’t then you get popped for trespassing. That will certainly show them.

[NOTE:  Nevada does not allow you to shoot someone for asking you to leave because you are armed.  This is the case despite the fact that many consider such a confrontation a “stand-your-ground” situation because that person is attempting to deprive you of your sacred 2nd Amendment rights.]

In essence, the folks of Nevada got what they asked for. If you do not put common sense restrictions on the possession of deadly weapons, then this is what you get.  You have a place that fits Winston Churchill’s description of Russia immediately after WWI, a place (paraphrasing here)…” filled with ignoramuses almost all of whom have lethal weapons.”

I do not really think that when folks trumpet the NRA line, they are saying, “Hell, yeah. I want a bunch of heavily armed strangers with some passable strange ideas about appropriate behavior hefting their AR-15s and looking suspicious when my kid’s school bus goes past them on a public road.” That may not be what all you faithful friends of firearms meant to happen, but it has happened, AND IT WILL AGAIN.

Look, this is so bad that one set of these dangerous kooks left for home because of all the armed crazies running around the militia camp.  Seriously, when these people start calling each other dangerous, then you know something is WAY OUT OF WHACK!

Oh, the leader of the gun-nerds who stayed says that those who left are traitors and cowards who deserted in the face of the enemy and (here we go) deserve to be treated as such.

Statements like that let you know who really and truly is a threat to you and your family. It is not the UN; it is not some junkie who wants to steal your flat-screen TV.  It’s guys like this, whom legislators across the nation allow to have all the firepower they desire and to be able to take it damn near anywhere they want.

When Wayne LaPierre of the NRA says that we must save the 2nd Amendment in order to save the country—we need to ask Mr. LaPierre for whom and from whom are he and his heavily armed and well-financed fellow-travelers saving us.  It obviously is not from  people like those living in tents along a road in Nevada and discussing the best locations for sniper placement.

However, it should be.  These types have been emboldened by the basic humanity of officialdom who decided that a bucketful of fees was not worth a shoot-out.  However, a shoot-out is what these people pray for.  In the near future, I fear there will come a confrontation between armed officials and armed citizens, where some wing-nut loses it and starts a firefight.  American blood will be shed; American women will be widowed; American children will be orphaned. Horribly, other Americans will do this.

Why will that happen?  Too many Americans have been fooled into worshiping at the feet of that false God, firearms.  Too many Americans have been told that hate and anger are something that you should carry with you every day and that you have a right to spew it out over whomever you don’t like—gays, liberals, immigrants, government employees, whomever. Put those two things together, and you have a tragedy waiting to happen.

This post began with a much different tone.  I had no idea it would end here.  But it did, and I hope to God these last few paragraphs are completely wrong. I also greatly fear that they may not be.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos

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