Your Kids Might Be Attending ‘After School Satan Clubs’ This Fall – And It’s All The Christians’ Fault

by Shannon Barber –

Christians have long lobbied for the ability to peddle their religion in the public square. This includes public schools, despite the fact that this is patently illegal, per the Constitution. However, all of that changed when, in 2001, when they had the Supreme Court on their side, and were able to have Good News Clubs and the like open the door to proselytizing to impressionable school children.

Well, that “victory” is coming to bite these idiots in the ass, because if they allow one religion access, they must allow all. Now, the worst nightmare of right-wing Christians everywhere is coming true. Those wonderful rabble-rousers at the Satanic Temple are at it again, and this time they are offering “After School Satan Clubs” to elementary school children, and they might be in schools in some U.S. states as early as the coming school year.

Now, of course, the Satanic Temple don’t worship any devil. They don’t even believe in any devil. That won’t matter to right-wing Christians, though. They’ll be screaming about the End Times and railing against this as soon as their tiny little minds stop spinning. It is also important to note that this move is not, in any way, about pushing Satanism or atheism or anything else. It’s about reminding people that the law applies to everyone. If Christians can peddle religion in schools, then so can Satanists and everyone else. Even Mat Staver of the infamously hateful Liberty Counsel, couldn’t find any legal way to keep the Satanists out. He said of the clubs, when asked:

“I would definitely oppose after­-school Satanic clubs, but they have a First Amendment right to meet. I suspect, in this particular case, I can’t imagine there’s going to be a lot of students participating in this. It’s probably dust they’re kicking up and is likely to fade away in the near future for lack of interest.”

Dust kicking or not, this is important. It’s long overdue for other religious and non-religious groups to be on equal social footing with Christianity. The way to do that is to make some noise, tell the world, hey, we’re here. Not everyone believes like you, and we have right, too.

Here is a video on the club:

What the Satanic Temple is doing is wonderful and necessary. And the kids will have fun, too. There will be art projects and science sessions and all sorts of educational things. However, they definitely need help to get the materials to pull this off, so, if you are so inclined and able, head here to donate.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info