Zealot Clerk Ordered By Governor To Issue Marriage Licenses Or Resign; Refuses To Do Either (VIDEO)

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A County Clerk in Kentucky is forcing a showdown with that state’s Governor. And the Constitution. Casey Davis seems to think that his religious beliefs trump the law of the land. He has refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Governor Steve Beshear ordered the public servant to do his job or resign. Davis refuses to do either. He met with the Governor one-on-one on Thursday and remained defiant afterward. After his meeting with the Governor, Davis spoke to the media:

“I’m going to trust the Lord with all my heart…. in all my ways I will acknowledge Him and He shall direct my paths. I will be not wise in my own eyes… my position remains.”

At least he’s right about not being wise. Hey, Pastor Davis (oh, yes; he’s a pastor), you work for the people of Kentucky– ALL the people of Kentucky. You are paid with their tax dollars. So you, Sir, need to do your job. You took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Whether you like it or not, that is the law in the United States, not your Bible.

Governor Beshear issued this statement after the meeting:

“This morning, I advised Mr. Davis that I respect his right to his own personal beliefs regarding same-sex marriages. However, when he was elected, he took a constitutional oath to uphold the United States Constitution. According to the United States Supreme Court, the Constitution now requires that governmental officials in Kentucky and elsewhere must recognize same-sex marriages as valid and allow them to take place. One of Mr. Davis’ duties as county court clerk is to issue marriage licenses, and the Supreme Court now says that the United States Constitution requires those marriage licenses to be issued regardless of gender. Mr. Davis’ own county attorney has advised him that his oath requires him to do so.”

Davis is so deluded that he thinks that the state of Kentucky should hire a lawyer for him to defend his defiance of the law. He went on All In With Chris Hayes and asserted that he has a legal right to refuse to do his job. He has gone so far as to ask for same-sex couples to be allowed to get their licenses online. You know, so he doesn’t get gay cooties from them coming into his office.

But Davis, and other religious fanatics in Kentucky, think that their religious dogma takes precedence over the Constitution. They want Gov. Beshear to call a special session of the Kentucky legislature — at a cost to Kentuckians of hundreds of thousands of dollars — so that they can write a law which would allow these public servants to have special rights. Special rights? That’s what they accuse LGBT Americans of wanting. Not that marriage is a “special” right, just a regular one like we all have. But this? This would actually be a special right.

Casey Davis is allowed to have his religious beliefs. But he can’t have those and his job, too. He is a county employee, paid by the taxpayers. I believe his book says something about obeying the government. He either has to do his job or resign. But, like a  spoiled child, he is being stubborn. Now the state will have to sue him, which will cost the taxpayers. All because one man holds himself above the law. Get over yourself, Casey Davis.

My solution? Stop paying him.

Here’s Davis eating up the attention:


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